Intro to the Blog

A lot of people don’t know what a mental illness is. Some know what they are. Others, well… They’re afraid of what’s different.

People don’t have a good idea of how a mental illness can really impact someone’s mental, emotional, and even physical state. It can be scary for the person going through such things.

They feel like they have nowhere to turn. They feel like they’re the only one even though they know other’s have the same, if not better or worse, issues with it.

Many people battle such things as depression, ptsd, anxiety, multiple personalities, autism, and much, much more. Yes, there is the saying “Sticks and stone can break my bones but words (or names) will never hurt me.” However, such a saying has often proven to be false. Yes, physical pain is obvious and is often immediately sends a red flag. The saying I like to use is “Words can hurt much deeper than actions.”

For if someone were to say something horrendous such as an example, a family member disowning another, that disowned family member might either be easily offended, easily heartbroken, or worse. People don’t realize that their words can very easily hurt anyone much worse than physically. Others, well… They’re clever and use it to their advantage when they see fit.

Hopefully I can help. I may not know much but I myself have some of such mental illnesses and I want to help people understand it better. Maybe even help others get out of a funk of their own as well. Maybe if others were more aware and open minded, it would help? Hopefully yes.

I want you to know that you are not alone and never will be. And that is a promise I am willing to keep.